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00-179-528 KUKA Leitungssatz CON X20 7m Robotics Connecting Systems / Cables KUKA
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We stock more than 30.000 components

To be able to offer you a large variety of current and discontinued devices EICHLER manages an own stock level of over 30.000 components. This enables us to service you with the necessary module as very short notice – even in case of a breakdown in your system.

Function is fully tested

Every module you purchase at EICHLER is fully tested on all relevant functions before it leaves our works. The combination of highly experienced staff together with our specific Trial- and Testracks give you the necessary safety on the purchase of refurbished automation equipment.

Warranty included

Full trial runs give you the guarantee of the highest possible level on repair service and function of the part sent to us. The item returned to is fitted with a 24 months warranty. If you wish to have an optional test of all parameters we are able to extend this warranty up to 36 months.

Quality management according to ISO 9001:2015

Certified workflow guarantees a consistently high quality of service when testing and repairing your component.

Nuclear Safety Committee 1401

As one of the first service providers, EICHLER is authorised to repair and sell automation and control technology in the nuclear sector.

Environmental management according to ISO 14001:2015

Standardized procedures for cleaning, repair and, if necessary, the disposal of components ensure a sustainable, environmentally sound use of resources.

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