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Welcome to your Electronic-Service-Center

EICHLER stands for Germany‘s top leading Electronik-Service-Center focusing on industrial electronics. At our location in Pürgen our team of specially skilled technicians successfully provide over more than 25.000 repairs per year on components in the fields of  mobile automation equipment such as drives and driving automation, HMI, PLC modules and electronic robot equipment.

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EICHLER - your partner for repair and distribution

HMI operating units, touch panels, operator panels, industrial PCs and many more

HMI Operating Units

Repairs, restoration and distribution of HMI operating units of all known manufacturers including SIMATIC® Touchpanels, programming devices, industrial computing systems and many others.

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Drive Technology

Service on repair and sale of drives and driving automation components such as frequency converters made by Siemens, Lenze, Danfoss, SEW and other manufacturers.

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PLC Controlling Units and Boards

EICHLER will always be your reliable partner. Regardless of the module being either  part of the SIMATIC® S5 or S7 family.

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Only at EICHLER - Up to 30 Months Guarantee and Warranty

EICHLER is known for outstanding service quality when it comes to repair and sale of current and discontinued automation technology. For more than 40 years, securing your plant availability has been our top priority.

At EICHLER, you can be sure that every repaired component or device sold has been checked under strict quality criteria using the latest automated testing technology . If the functionality of the assembly is guaranteed, the EICHLER technicians award the quality seal in silver, 24 months guarantee and warranty, or gold, 30 months guarantee and warranty (with optional extended testing).

EICHLER Garantielogos in Silber 24 Monate und Gold 30 Monate
Eichler Versandschein - bis zu vier Baugruppen auf einmal zur Reparatur einsenden

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In urgent cases
Emergency hotline for machine downtime: +49 8196 9000-112

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Our Main Focuses (core capabilities/competences)


Over the past 40 years EICHLER has proven to be the leading specialist in the field of maintenance of mobile automation equipment. We service more than 22.000 repairs anually at our head quarters in Pürgen.

Distribution of refurbished components

We currently carry stock of more than 30.000 fully refurbished components including a large variety of modules which have been discontinued by the initial manufacturer.

Purchase of disposable stock

We will help you to reduce no longer needed amounts of stock of parts and modules. Save yourself the costs of expensive and troublesome disposal.

Facility Assessment

Together we can check your current built-in automation equipment of your production facilities. We will then be able to provide you with an assessment to help you develop strategies to ensure a reliability performance for the years to come.

Stock and Life Cycle Management

We are able to stock your system-relevant parts of mobile automation equipment in order to ensure that you are always able to get hold of a fully tested and functioning module/component.

Latest Feature: Technical On-Site Service

We are able to provide skilled and experienced technicians on-site throughout Germany in order to support you with a broad scale on repair and maintenance services.

Techniker richtet SPS Baugruppen im Prüfstand ein

Your Direct Line to EICHLER GmbH

Sales Department

Service-Hotline Repair and Maintenance Contracts

Emergency-Hotline in Case of Machine Breakdown

Sales Hotline for Used and New Components

Hotline for Technical Trainings

Purchase of Overstockings

Repair and Distribution of HMI Panels and Operating Units

HMI Touch-Panel

A large number of different manufacturers provide all kinds of touch panels of for all sorts of applications. They are designed for both either simple or complex jobs in order to depict or control tasks your automation equipment has to produce. All panels are tested in fully automated surroundings under full capacity trials. If requested we will provide you with complete report of the testing trial.


Mobile Panels are often subject to extreme conditions. All specific wear parts are stocked at EICHLER – especially the often damaged connecting cables. All mobile panels are tested together with the matching controller.


EICHLER repairs Operator Panels with built in key-boards at highest possible level. All control elements and interfaces are tested automatically and fitted with a complete report of the testing trial upon request.

Industrial Computing Systems

Industrial computing systems are usually fitted out with a rather short life cycle. EICHLER has specialized on providing comprehensive distribution and repair service for all common types in this field.

Programming Devices

The repair of programming devices is one of EICHLER’s main focuses. Apart from repairing such modules we are also able to upgrade and modify these systems.

Power Units and Power Supplies

EICHLER is able to repair and maintain nearly every kind of power unit and power supply. Of course we exchange all relevant wear parts. Together with the strategic preventative maintenance this will ensure a longer life-time of the module in question. 

Collage vier Siemens Simatic HMI Touch Panels übereinander
EICHLER Prüftechnik für SPS Baugruppen und Steuerungstechnik

PLC Boards and Control Units

CPU and Central Control Boards

Central control units are the core of every automated installation. These complex boards require an upmost level of both competence and know-how in order to restore these kind of units. EICHLER has  - as part of their repair equipment – machinery such as steam driven soldering devices and robots in order to exchange special kinds of BGA processors.

Analog I/O boards

All I/O boards based on analog function are repaired or exchanged at EICHLER with the best routine and as fast as possible. Every board is fully tested before it leaves our works.

Function Modules

Function modules are designed to record data related to the status of positioning, scale and distance measuring. These units are often very special and require a large amount of know-how during the test-phase after the actual repair has been done.

Communication Units

These kind of PLC components ensure the exchange of data within the actual existing facility. During the repair it is essential to be able to fully test all relevant interfaces.

Digital I/O Units

All digital I/O boards are repaired or exchanged at EICHLER with the best routine and as fast as possible. Every board is fully tested before it leaves our works.

Power Units and Power Supplies

Power units are always subject to permanent work-load. EICHLER will always exchange the relevant wear parts. After repair all units are tested under realistic conditions and full capacity.

Driving and Driving Automation Components

Frequency Converters

Frequency converters are made to actuate and control motors. They are often under heavy use due to the high currents passing through these kind of systems and the constant changes of workloads required. EICHLER exchanges all relevant parts semiconductors and capacitors and offers preventative maintenance.

Rectifiers and Regenerative Units

Rectifiers and regenerative Units will be tested under realistic conditions and under full capacity if requested for


Repairing modulators is part of the daily routine at EICHLER. These units can be repaired or exchanged within very short notice.


Inverters play an essential part in the actuation of motors. They are often under heavy use due to the high currents passing through these kind of systems and the constant changes of workloads required. EICHLER exchanges all relevant parts semiconductors and capacitors and offers preventative maintenance.

PLC Devices

PLC devices tell the system to do what it has to do. In nearly every automated unit the PLC devices are the core of the specific installation. These modules require the highest level in competence and know-how of the actual repair needed.

Motors and Accessories

In order to provide you with the possible service in this field, EICHLER works together with highly qualified partners. Your motors are in very good hands and are always serviced according to the high EICHLER standards.

Lastprüfstand für Umrichter der Antriebstechnik
SPS Baugruppen während der Reparatur bis auf Bauteilebene mit Lötkolben

We service the repair for a very large scale on different manufacturers of mobile automation equipment

For now over 40 years EICHLER has built up an unique knowledge and experience in repair and distribution of PLC components, HMI operation units and drives and driving automation modules. We service the repair and offer the distribution on a very large scale on different manufacturers of  mobile automation equipment such as HMI operating systems, PLC Modules and controlling units together with components on driving automation and motors.

  • Large scale on repairs for currently relevant or discontinued components
  • On-Board repairs based on specific repairs according to the actual damage
  • Unique testing equipment will ensure to detect even very unusual failures
  • Realistic trials under full capacity will guarantee  you the necessary function.
  • 24 months warranty for the repair serviced

Convince yourself on the quality of repair EICHLER offers. Simply download the delivery note, fill out the form and send us the part in question.

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EICHLER Provides Technical Service On Site

Our technical outward bound service complements our portfolio of services in a perfect way.

  • Fastest possible response time
  • Available for the whole of Germany
  • Competent staff
  • Free of Charge emergency-Hotline in case of break-down of machinery
    +49 8196 9000-112 (Mo.-Thur., 7.30-17.00 , Fr., 7.30-14.30)

Technical Services On Site are available for HMI Operating Units, PLC Controlling Units and PLC Boards plus certain Components in the field of the Driving Automation (Maintenace on specific work on frequency converters)
Our technical staff will aid you with a large variety of repair and maintenance services.

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Technischer Außendienst Mitarbeiter

Help from Experts:
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