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EICHLER Sales Promotion for KUKA Industrial Robot Assemblies

In addition to first-class repair services for defective robotic assemblies, you can now also purchase function-tested used devices for KUKA industrial robots. Whether you need KCP Control Panels, SmartPADs, KSD Servo Drive Modules or Control PCs, EICHLER offers you a large selection available from stock.

Until 31.12.2018, attractive special conditions apply for selected KUKA components. Advantage prices are applicable to the purchase of used devices as well as replacement units for defective components.

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Article Name Article Description Scope Article Group Name Manufacturer
69-000-398 KUKA KCP KR C1 HANDBEDIENGERÄTKCP 1.0 Standard mit 10 m Kabel + Stecker Robot Electronics KUKA
00-168-334 KUKA SMART PAD KRC4Bedienhandgerät mit 10 m Kabel Robot Electronics KUKA
00-130-547 KUKA KCP2 ed.05 Control Panel Standardmit 10 m Kabel Robot Electronics KUKA
00-110-185 KUKA KCP2 Control Panel Standardmit 10 m Kabel Robot Electronics KUKA
00-111-846 KUKA KPS-600/20-ESC POWER SUPPLY Robot Electronics KUKA
00-105-350 KUKA KSD1-16 SERVO DRIVE 00-105-350 E93DA552I4B531 Robot Electronics KUKA
00-105-413 KUKA KSD1-48 SERVO DRIVE 00-105-413 E93DA123I4B531 Robot Electronics KUKA
00-122-285 KUKA KSD1-16 SERVO DRIVE 00-122-285 E93DA552I4B531 Robot Electronics KUKA
00-118-368 KUKA KRC2 Steuerung-PCmit MFC2 256 MB 7VBA, 733 MHz, Robot Electronics KUKA

Robotics - Our Range of Service

Get to know our range of service in view of repair and distribution on robotics:

  • Service on a large variety of different manufactures
  • On Board Repair
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Unique Testing Devices
  • Emergency Repair
  • Your own person of contact

Intelligent Search for Components

Search according to your product code, category of product or manufacturer and you will find your requested component fast and easy. Should you nevertheless not be able to trace the part you are looking for – our experts will gladly help you Tel: +49 8196 9000-110.

Specialist for Repair and Sale of Robot Electronics

Operating Units

EICHLER offers high-quality repair service down to component level for KUKA operating devices, among others: from the keyboard, 6D mouse and emergency or key switches to the complete touch display, data cable and base board.

Control PCs

In the EICHLER Service Center repairs can be carried out on power supplies, fans, hard disks or motherboards across all control types. Preventive maintenance measures on wearing parts ensure additional safety.

Power Supplies

Repairs on power modules or power supplies are carried out down to component level. Fault diagnosis and functional tests lasting several hours take place in special robotic test benches. Preventive maintenance measures and professional technical cleaning round off the portfolio.

Servo Module

From cleaning and repairs at component level to endurance runs, we offer you our complete range of services for KUKA Servo Drives, among others. On request we also offer you a warranty extension to 18 months.

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Your Efficient Partner for Repair and Sale of Robotic Components

EICHLER GmbH is your repair service provider for current and discontinued robotic components. Component level repairs extend the life of industrial plants and save costs for migration processes. In addition, EICHLER supports the purchase and sale of used and new equipment.

Certified Service Quality at the Highest Level

Quality Management ISO 9001 :2015

Zertifizierte Abläufe sichern eine konstant hohe Dienstleistungsqualität bei der Prüfung und Reparatur Ihrer Komponente.

RAL-Seal for Industrial Service

Die EICHLER GmbH ist der einzige Reparaturdienstleister in Deutschland, der die strengen Auflagen des Gütezeichens für Industrieanlagenservice erfüllt.

Environmental Management ISO 14001:2015

Genormte Abläufe bei Reinigung, Reparatur und ggfs. der Entsorgung von Bauteilen sichern einen nachhaltigen, umweltgerechten Einsatz von Ressourcen.

We service the repair for a very large scale on different manufacturers of mobile automation equipment

For now over 40 years EICHLER has built up an unique knowledge and experience in repair and distribution of PLC components, HMI operation units and drives and driving automation modules. We service the repair and offer the distribution on a very large scale on different manufacturers of  mobile automation equipment such as HMI operating systems, PLC Modules and controlling units together with components on driving automation and motors.

  • Large scale on repairs for currently relevant or discontinued components
  • On-Board repairs based on specific repairs according to the actual damage
  • Unique testing equipment will ensure to detect even very unusual failures
  • Realistic trials under full capacity will guarantee  you the necessary function.
  • 24 months warranty for the repair serviced

Convince yourself on the quality of repair EICHLER offers. Simply download the delivery note, fill out the form and send us the part in question.

Download delivery note

Unique Testing Technology for Industrial Robotics

Our testing technology for robotic components is unique. Detailed incoming inspections help to identify and reliably correct even sporadically occurring fault patterns. Final functional tests in the in-house test centre also include complete commissioning with real industrial robots. Standardized test cycles ensure the functionality of repaired and repaired robotic assemblies.

  • Over 30 years of experience in test equipment development
  • Robotics test centre with real robot systems
  • 12 months minimum warranty for repaired or used components


Convince yourself of our performance in the field of robotics. Simply download the shipping document and send in your failed component.


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Your Direct Line to EICHLER GmbH

Sales Department +49 8196 9000-0
Service-Hotline Repair and Maintenance Contracts +49 8196 9000-110
Emergency-Hotline in Case of Machine Breakdown +49 8196 9000-112
Sales Hotline for Used and New Components +49 8196 9000-250
Hotline for Technical Trainings +49 8196 9000-311
Purchase of Overstockings +49 8196 9000-550

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