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Buy New Item - the Next Steps

  • Confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation with detailed information to the specified email address.

  • Offer / Order

    Depending on which option you choose we will send you the corresponding acknowledgment on your request as soon as possible.

  • Shipment

    The dispatch of the device is carried out shortly after the release of the offer or by sending the order confirmation.

Express Shipment

You can select the express shipping option for a preferred execution regarding all logistical processes. Within Germany, the delivery of the goods usually takes place next working day.

Machine downtime? For same day delivery, we offer different courier options.

  • Preferred execution of all logistical operations
  • Delivery on the next working day (within Germany)
  • Courier options for even faster delivery
  • Emergency Hotline in case of machine downtime +49 8196 9000-112


Express Handling Flat (Option)

Select the express handling flat option for a prioritized processing for all internal and logistical operations such as functional testing, final inspection and shipment.


  • Prioritized treatment at all internal and logistical operations
  • Courier options for even faster delivery

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