Exchange of 1FT6108-8SB7.-.... by exchange unit - EICHLER

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Repair Exchange - the Next Steps

  • Confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation to the specified email address. Next to confirmation email you will find a PDF document, which gives you detailed informations about the further process.


  • Replacement device

    As part of the exchange, you will receive a replacement device. You can keep this function proved unit. Now you have to send the defective unit to the EICHLER-Service-Center, within 10 days.

  • Submission

    For sending your defective component to EICHLER you can use the shipping label, which you’ll receive together with the order confirmation. Fill it out and place it in the consignment.

  • Receipt

    After receipt of the defective component at EICHLER-Service-Center it will be recorded in the inventory. Thus, the exchange process is completed. You will receive a confirmation.

Free UPS Return

With the free UPS return we offer you a simple, safe and easy way to to send your defective component to the Eichler service center. The only thing you have to care about is to ensure a safe packaging.

  • Time and cost savings
  • Pick up at your companies site
  • Stay informed with regular status reports

After commissioning, the shipment is picked up by UPS at your companies site within next 1-3 working days. By using the tracking ID and regular status messages you stay informed from the time of collection until the receipt at Eichler.

Free UPS−return

Parameter Check (Option)

EICHLER invented the parameter check. This is a totally new test method including the highest inspection depth to ensure the functionality of your component after the repair. Each component passes through a fully automated and standardized test cycle, during which hundreds of different parameters are checked.

The parameter check guarantees the consistently high service quality, EICHLER is known for.


  • Automated testing with highest inspection depth ensures the functionality of your component
  • You will receive a detailed report with all measurement results for your device
  • Warranty extends up to 30 months when choosing the parameter check

Load Test (Option)

The load test is a testing method which is only availible for components in drive technology. Each component passes through a standardized test cycle under realistic conditions. To ensure the functionality, the device will be loaded in different programs up to it’s limits.

  • Automated testing under realistic conditions to ensure proper functioning of the component
  • You will receive a detailed report with all measurement results for your device
  • Warranty extends up to 30 months when choosing the load test

Express Shipment

You can select the express shipping option for a preferred execution regarding all logistical processes. Within Germany, the delivery of the goods usually takes place next working day.

Machine downtime? For same day delivery, we offer different courier options.

  • Preferred execution of all logistical operations
  • Delivery on the next working day (within Germany)
  • Courier options for even faster delivery
  • Emergency Hotline in case of machine downtime +49 8196 9000-112


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