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Repair with cost estimate - the next steps

  • Confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation to the specified email address. Next to confirmation email you will find a pre-filled packing slip. Use this to send in your defective component.

  • Submission

    Send the faulty component to Eichler service center. For this, use the pre-filled packing slip. This can be found in the appendix of the confirmation mail. Just print it and place it in the consignment.

  • Receipt at Eichler

    After the receipt, your defective unit will be forwarded to our technical department. They start with basic entrance test and a first failure diagnosis.

  • Cost Estimate

    Due to the exact error image of the defective component, you will receive a personalized estimate. After your written consent the repair is carried out.

Express Repair Service

  • The fastest repair option in case of machine downtime
  • In general, the repair is carried out within one working day
  • Your device is treated with the highest priority, regarding all internal transactions
    (goods receipt , repair , Funkionstest , goods issue)
  • Specialized technicians are dedicated exclusively to your device


The goal of every express repair is to fullfill the repair of your device within one working day. We interrupt all internal processes are for you. Specialized technicians will be provided to care exclusively for your device.

In a first step, we will call you up to clearify the conditions for the feasibility of the express repair. Together with our customer service team you will agree a flowsheet for the repair of your component.

By default, you are responsible to organize the delivery of your device. The return will be sent by UPS Express. Transport costs are not part of the express repair service and must be borne by the customer.

On request, there’s a large range of express and courier options available.

For further information you can contact: +49 8196 9000-0 or

The costs for the express repair service are amounted to 230,- EUR plus transportation costs and VAT.

Cost estimate

Free UPS Return

With the free UPS return we offer you a simple, safe and easy way to to send your defective component to the Eichler service center. The only thing you have to care about is to ensure a safe packaging.

  • Time and cost savings
  • Pick up at your companies site
  • Stay informed with regular status reports

After commissioning, the shipment is picked up by UPS at your companies site within next 1-3 working days. By using the tracking ID and regular status messages you stay informed from the time of collection until the receipt at Eichler.

Free UPS−return

Parameter Check (Option)

EICHLER invented the parameter check. This is a totally new test method including the highest inspection depth to ensure the functionality of your component after the repair. Each component passes through a fully automated and standardized test cycle, during which hundreds of different parameters are checked.

The parameter check guarantees the consistently high service quality, EICHLER is known for.


  • Automated testing with highest inspection depth ensures the functionality of your component
  • You will receive a detailed report with all measurement results for your device
  • Warranty extends up to 30 months when choosing the parameter check

Load Test (Option)

The load test is a testing method which is only availible for components in drive technology. Each component passes through a standardized test cycle under realistic conditions. To ensure the functionality, the device will be loaded in different programs up to it’s limits.

  • Automated testing under realistic conditions to ensure proper functioning of the component
  • You will receive a detailed report with all measurement results for your device
  • Warranty extends up to 30 months when choosing the load test

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